Construction is one of the core strengths of Techno. We have unique expertise to manage and deliver most challenging major projects. Creative methods and fit-for-purpose processes enable us to deliver projects to customer satisfaction and the highest standards in HSE and Quality. Our national and international experience and a network of construction resources enable us to understand the local valium 10 mg, regulations and challenges quite well. Moreover, we have an ability to quickly adapt to the requirements of new locations and devise workable solutions efficiently and quickly mobilizing construction equipment and construction crews. Techno has excelled and is well known for its diversified staff which includes people from various culture, race, and order modafinil. Techno’s first priority is employing and training local labor to the degree that is possible to add value to each project and to the local economy.

Techno’s Construction expertise include;

Oil and Gas

Export Pipelines
Brownfield Development
Facilities Upgrade
Gathering and Injecting Systems
Pump and Compressor Stations
Storage Tank Systems
Receiving Terminals
Process Plants


Industrial and waste water treatment
Produced water treatment of oil and gas field
Construction of water distribution and network services


Buildings & Facilities
Highways and Bridges
Municipal Infrastructure


Power generation facilities i.e. gas, hydro and thermal power plants
Overhead transmission lines
Distribution facilities