Crude Oil 100 Kms 48”Dia Pipeline Construction of Section IV – Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline Project (ADCOP)

Project Scope

Construction of 100 Kms of 48”Dia. KP 272 to KP 382 with 5 Block Valve Stations, Road Crossings (Micro Tunnelling Method), Fiber Optic Communication System, SCADA System, Cathodic Protection System, Testing & Pre-Commissioning.

Construction Challenges

  • 60~70% works in Mountainous Section, Very Hard Rock, difficult to cut, do blasting works also Slopes between 20 to 45 degrees.
  • Using the cable crane system for construction in mountainous section
  • HDD Crossing at Sheikh’s Farm
  • Crossing of Roads by Micro Tunneling Method


Achieved the required quality targets and met the timeline to support the completion of the entire scope by the Client / Main Contractor CPECC.