Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 106 KMs. 42″dia. Onshore Export Pipeline & Associated Works including 33kV Overhead Powerline from Central Processing Facilities to Tuba Tank Farm

Project Scope

EPC of 102 KM 42” dia. Onshore Export Pipeline West Qurna (Phase II) Project, Republic of IRAQ. (79bar pressure) including Euphrates & Major Canal crossings (HDD method), 6 Actuated Block Valve Stations, Bi-directional Launcher / Receiver Stations, Fiber Optic Communication System, SCADA, ESD System, Cathodic Protection System, Fire & Gas and H2S Detection System and 67Kms long, 33KV Overhead Powerline, Testing & Commissioning.

Project Challenges

  • Design and Construction of 33kV OHL Tower Foundations in High Water Table area
  • Installation of Lattice Tower for 33kV OHL
  • HDD Crossing at Major Canal around 1 Km
  • HDD Crossing at Euphrates River and Major Canal for 33kV Power Lin
  • Construction works for 42”dia. Pipeline in High Water Table area with the installation of Geo-Textile Weights
  • 239 Number of Canal, River, Road, Highway and Utilities crossings



Met the Principal Owner’s and Client’s commercial production timeline and targets.